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How does terrain impact your drill choice?

The terrain in which the surface drill operates can have a significant impact on the choice and performance of the appropriate drill for the operation. Some of the key terrain-related factors that can influence drill selection are: 1. Type of Rock: The hardness, abrasiveness and cohesiveness of the rock affect the selection of the proper […]

Tips for using the best lubricant for your drill

  Today, we present three essential tips for deciding which is the best lubricant to use in your equipment. Check it out below: 1. Follow the list of brands and technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer 2. When using it, you must follow the application recommendations as indicated by the manufacturer. 3. Never forget to […]

How is the rock drilling process in construction and surface mining?

The rock drilling process in construction and surface mining involves several stages and the determination of different parameters that affect the final result. Here is an overview of the process and the main parameters involved: Geological Survey: Before drilling begins, it is essential to conduct a geological survey of the area. This helps to understand […]

How did FOX 8-20 come about?

How did FOX 8-20 come about? In the beginning, Wolf had two hydraulic drilling models: the FOX 12-20 (without cabin) and the FOX 12-30, which we still have today. Due to customers’ need to have equipment for mobility in their productions, which were normally smaller benches, the FOX 8-20 project was developed. The proposal was […]

How to drill? Step by Step

Below, we see a sequence of images, representing the drilling and blasting process. First of all, a soil analysis is carried out, where the drilling mesh is defined, along with the depth and other specifications such as the drilling diameter. This information is essential for choosing the ideal equipment for your production. Then drilling begins. […]

How does the drilling diameter impact production and consumption?

How does the drilling diameter impact production and consumption? Did you know…? The larger the drilling diameter, the greater the power used in your equipment, and consequently, the greater the fuel consumption. But it also depends on the type of rock to be drilled, since a more rigid rock, even with a smaller diameter, will […]

Lets talk about planning?

One of the most popular planning tools today is 5W2H.   5W2H basically consists of an action plan that can be used by companies and individuals. The tool is useful for determining, in detail, the ways in which the objectives will be achieved. Thus, the objective to be achieved should be included in a spreadsheet, […]

WOLF Ready for the World Cup

🏆 ⚽️ 🇧🇷 The national team has already been called up, and the team for the 2022 World Cup is defined. Wolf also has its team ready and prepared! The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is about to start and we are in uniform, rooting for our HEXA! Here at WOLF we have a team prepared and […]

FOX 8-30: The newest release in the FOX lineup

  The FOX 8-30 is a hydraulic drilling rig, with a 100% Brazilian design, developed by WOLF, and its main features are fuel economy, high production and versatility. A compact equipment, able to serve the most varied segments, such as quarries, mining companies, construction companies, pavers and service providers in drilling and rock blasting. The […]

FOX 8-20: If you have the first one, you don’t want to be left with just one!

High production and economy guarantee customer satisfaction with the equipment. With the investment made and the return guaranteed, you come back and buy the second, third… The FOX 8-20 hydraulic drill has a consumption of 14 l/h and an average production of 35 linear m/h. In addition to low diesel consumption, it ensures high production […]

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