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Lets talk about planning?

One of the most popular planning tools today is 5W2H.


5W2H basically consists of an action plan that can be used by companies and individuals. The tool is useful for determining, in detail, the ways in which the objectives will be achieved. Thus, the objective to be achieved should be included in a spreadsheet, along with the following information:


What: in this field, will be the information pertinent to the actions that must be executed to reach the objective;

Why: here will be the information regarding the reasons why it is necessary that the determined objective is achieved;

Where: in this field, will be the information regarding the places that will be directly and indirectly affected by the actions to be performed;

Who: here, those responsible for carrying out the actions are defined (in the case of companies, they can be departments, partners, suppliers or specific individuals);

When: this is the field that should contain the schedule of actions, with predetermined deadlines for each one of them;

How: the answer here must refer to the method or methods that will be used to carry out each of the actions;

How Much: Every action requires a cost. Therefore, this field is used to enter information about costs, expenses and expenses, so that it is possible to analyze the feasibility of each action.


With this tool, you will have at your disposal a table with the planning of your maintenance and you will be free of headaches. After all, better safe than sorry, right?

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